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Irada Outreach

Irada is a school initiative by Kamini and Kabir Mustafi. The Mustafis have been a teaching couple for over 45 years. They have taught at St Paul's School, Darjeeling and also at Bishop Cotton School, Shimla where Kabir was Headmaster and Kamini was the Head of the Junior school . Kabir's speciality is English and History and Kamini's speciality is child psychology. They also started the Learning Centre for children with special needs at Shimla. 

childrens tuition classes in gurugram

The Irada Outreach Programme is a service for children in need of support. It has two sections:
The Home School programme: A support for parents who require a little assistance for children not attending regular school. This programme runs from 10am to 2 pm. This includes special education and training for activities of daily living. Child guidance and counselling is also included.

The After School Programme Timings:  Afternoons and Early evening.
The curriculum offered covers life skills, presentation skills, public speaking as well as logical thinking, and social etiquette.

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