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STEM lab in Gurugram
STEM classes in gurugram

The Young Explorer classes have been started by IIT-IIM- MICA Alumni who specialise in technology and writing. With about 5 years of experience writing Science content for children, and running The Young Chronicle news app and newspaper for kids, for 2 years, the team decided to extend the offering to Science and Math. The co-founders Ritika Amit Kumar and Varun Mishra are very curious about Quantum Physics, Black Holes, Time-Space, Gravity, Evolution, and the history of everything. And that's what their classes are all about. 

The Creator's Lab by The Young Explorers is an initiative to get children who are curious about similar things, to meet and discuss, and also perform activities and experiments, and learn new things. You could look up or, or just email them at to get a better idea of what the lab is all about.

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