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About Us

Our kids are our reason to seek out a better life …

As a mom of two young ones, it was a perpetual challenge to find places to take them every weekend to keep them entertained, as well as spend quality time with them. Having visited a lot of play zones on holidays abroad, the quest to find a place where the quality of activities and staff would be at par with what they experienced on their holidays, was perpetually on.


Upon extensive research, I realized the huge gap of available options that passed my own scrutiny, and the desire to create a space keeping quality and hygiene a priority, was born.


Hence the conception of Celesta Fiesta (Heavenly Celebrations) – a place for kids to get superior entertainment as well state of the art facilities with a skilled staff who know the value of hygiene and safety.

Starting this business was a means of creating a better life for the kids; for the kids themselves inspired the business !!!

Our Mission & Values

Our mission at Celesta Fiesta is simply to bring together an array of services and products from the very best in the field. Our only criteria being our business associates are mom entrepreneurs who want the very best for their kids.

Each of these talented women have found inspiration everywhere. They made note of all the things that frustrated them in daily life and then researched creative ways to address those inefficiencies. All it took was an idea and a lot of passion to create products that changed the world for them and their kids.

Celesta Fiesta is an ode to all Supermoms – who simultaneously nurture small businesses as well as small humans – both 24/7 jobs!!!

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