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Exclusively for tiny tots and teens, ShortCuts is a spiffy salon and spa. We promise to wave our magic wand and make your precious little one feel like a prince or princess.

Since many kids tend to get squirmy while getting a haircut, our staff ensures that your tot is made comfortable before bringing out the scissors. Manis, Pedis, nail art, braiding and hairstyling are also on offer to pamper them silly.

shortcuts kids salon and spa

Shortcuts Kids Salon & Spa

An exclusive Kids Salon & Spa


As Gurgaon's only professional kids Salon we ensure that all our products are sulphate-and parabin- free and are packed with organic goodness. We also offer safe and gentle hair therapies for common childhood issues like detangling, gum in hair as well as our special lice treatment which is gentle on the  hair. We also specialise in Mundans and first Haircuts. 

Hair Cuts     Hair Styling     Hair Therapy     Mundans     Spa     Anti Lice     Detangling Gum in Hair     Spa Parties     Spa Playdates   

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